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Why Gerrymandering Mattered in the 2022 Midterms

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It’s an obvious idea. A no-brainer, even. One person, one vote. Every voice given equal weight. It’s the simplest, most common-sense form of democracy out there. If you were to ask the average person on the street, they’d agree, one person, one vote is a fair system. They might even believe that America’s elections work that way. They’d be very, …

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We Have to End Gerrymandering Now

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Gerrymandering is the act of favoring one political group over another through the manipulation of redistricting maps. Each state is broken into districts for the House of Representatives, which is proportioned based on state populations (unlike the Senate, for which each state gets two Senators). By ensuring one political party’s voting bloc is more effectively concentrated in specific districts, the …

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The Next Extinction-Level Event

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You probably didn’t hear about it, but for a few months, astronomers were worried that a deadly asteroid would strike the Earth. This asteroid, 2021 QM1, was predicted to collide with us in 2052, an impact that would have been comparable to the explosion of a nuclear bomb. Thankfully, after getting a better view of the asteroid, astronomers were able to …


Seeding the Universe

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The future looks bleak for us. While we’ve already started to experience some effects of climate collapse, Generation Z is looking down the barrel of a gun that humanity pointed at itself. Despite efforts to fight environmental collapse and even some progress being made, disaster is coming for us. The exact scale of that disaster isn’t known, but it’s not a matter …


A New Era of Biological Intelligence

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In a groundbreaking new experiment, scientists have managed to grow human brain cells in a lab, and after just a few minutes teach them to play the simple video game Pong. The research paper, intriguingly titled “In vitro neurons learn and exhibit sentience when embodied in a simulated gameworld” details scientists recent advancements in cultivating and understanding human brains. After …