Dressing for the Divine

PublisherFreedom of Religion

In a world hurtling towards chaos and teetering on the brink of collapse, we’re left reviewing the rituals and customs ingrained in our societies to find what brings us into the future and what’s holding us back. One practice holding us back is our devotion to dressing up for the divine and the fairytale “hereafter.” Our culture is composed of …

A picture of the ULCM wedding chapel

Tea Time With Rev. George Freeman of the Universal Life Church

PublisherGeorge Freeman History

I recently sat down for an interview with Andrew Davey at Haymarket Weddings. Read the full interview below or on their website: Rev. George Freeman may be the spiritual leader of the most influential church that you may not know that you know about. For some 45 years, Rev. Freeman has led the Universal Life Church Monastery through an era …

Jesus in front of Pink Triangle

You’ll Never Hear This in Your Church

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Here comes Donald Trump with his latest grift. Now, after fingering starlets, sneaking into pageant dressing room to checks out 15-year-old participants, and then continuing his hooker-a-month pattern, despite the fact we’ve never once seen him inside a church other than for a photo op; he’s now saying buy my “God Bless the USA Bibles”. These bibles are edited, incorporating political …

Francis, the Liberal Pope

PublisherFreedom of Religion

Last month, the Vatican made headlines after Pope Francis approved blessings for same-sex couples. It was a decision that marked a very public departure from the Catholic Church’s long-held stance against the union of same-sex couples. Very quickly, the announcement sparked controversy over the hypocrisy of weddings for heterosexual couples and blessings for gay couples. While the shift in Church …

Religious Celebrations of the ULCM

PublisherFreedom of Religion

Some 325 years after the death of Jesus, representatives from the different feuding Christian factions convened at the Council of Nicaea, debating which religious texts and theory would become “the Bible.” A highly political event, many books and ideas were discarded to align with the personal goals of the various factions. Even to this day, scholars have not definitively determined …