Gerrymandering: The Suppression of Blacks, Hispanics, and Students

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Should Representatives Choose Their Voters? Gerrymandering, the controversial, undemocratic practice of representatives choosing their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives, is once again in the country’s headlines. For much of the United States’ history, the practice of gerrymandering was used to dilute or otherwise exclude the potential influence of minority (mostly African-American) voting districts so that whites would remain …

How Do We Get “Healthcare for All”? Through “Marijuana for All”

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With the possible legalization of pot for adults at the federal level for the first time since it was criminalized a century ago, our nation stands at the brink of change. Through a legalized and federally ran pot industry, the federal government could redistribute marijuana tax dollars to fund a healthcare program for all. Many republican politicians who are pushing …

The Truth Shall Set You Free

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“During eight years of relentless attacks, Freeman still managed to bring cohesion to wanting elements of society who needed a place to flourish. Against this backdrop came ‘The Monastery’s ‘come as you are and join us as we are’ message of enlightenment, which provided a ready stage for this city’s alternative community to come into its own.”

George Freeman

Seattle: If You Build It, They Will Come

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This is a great initiative, which many of the city’s well-wishers have lauded, including George Freeman during his run for city council. However, a little competition never hurts. And a need exists for greater commitment to making Seattle’s skyline compatible with the rest of the modern world. This will allow Seattle to compete with other cities on the national scale, like New York and San Francisco.