a look at the display encouraging people to vote at the ULC Rectory. Illuminated lights read 'vote'


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Dear Friends, many of us have already voted, and many of us have yet to vote.

We are hours from D-Day, the Day of Decision. We are all suffering from cabin fever. We have been locked up and scared to go out. We are told that during the pandemic, we are drinking way too much, taking too many pills, and eating like pigs – those of us who can afford to buy food. Those who cannot afford to buy food are looking for more drugs – more molly – to disturb their minds as they acquire other people’s trash and recycle it on our streets.

This is future-shock. Future-shock causes mental confusion, impairment, and dissolution. We are scared to do something, and more frightened of what may happen if we do not do something. As we each go through our telephone lists and contacts, I believe we collectively wonder who is sick, who is alive, and who is dead. As a people, as friends, and as a family, we need to have a common purpose and fight under the same call to arms: save the planet and save humanity! Vote!

We are most powerful when we connect with one another, and the pandemic has curtailed human connection in a way that is felt by all. But it is imperative that, come November 3rd, we raise our collective voice for all to hear. We must collectively vote for reason.

As the election grows nearer, so does an asteroid that Neil deGrasse Tyson warned is set to ‘buzz-cut’ Earth the day before the November 3rd election. It is too small to cause harm, but the atmosphere of disaster just keeps growing in the states. Those of us with voting power must use it to create the world of tomorrow.

We are a multi-faceted bunch here on Earth. There are oceans of difference and literal oceans between us. But if that asteroid were bigger, it could be the end of us all. How can we start to address existential threats when our leaders are so nuclear in their approach to politicking? It is time to elect leadership with common sense and dignity. It is time to vote for leaders that reflect the people they govern and create policy with the people in mind. Our elected officials are meant to be stand-ins for ALL the people that they represent.

The asteroid should be a reminder to us that we are children of the same universe, and we can come together even when we seem at odds. We design the future, not Fate, Destiny or Gods. Each person has a part to play and each person has to choose a way.