Open Letter to Joe Kennedy, III

Member Social Justice

Dear Mister Kennedy,

What are you doing about Parkland? The Kennedy family goes to the fight. Your uncles went to the fight. Take the fight to Florida. Take it beyond the walls of your jurisdiction and out to the American people. The time to avenge the lives lost for a new generation of young people is now.

A new generation looks ahead for a leader and that generation sees you. America watched your passionate rebuttal and heard a call for cooperation, concern and compassion across our nation. The time to speak out and show that leadership so ingrained in the history of your family — to avenge the deaths of your uncles, is now.

Speak out. Comfort the kids. Tell them they have your support in the schools, on the streets — not only on television but to America and its dreamers.

Patrick, stand up and fight like a Kennedy.

George Freeman