The Great Joyride

Member Freedom of Religion, The Universe

One failure of mankind is that we are looking to the hereafter, as opposed to looking to our purpose, and our mission. Human beings are explorers. When little children first come out of the womb they want to explore. They ask about the sky, the moon and the stars. They say, “What’s that, daddy”?  

This earthly planet will eventually die. Our purpose should be to protect our civilization.

As children grow up, they become curious and ask compelling questions about the world around us.  We train our children that the afterlife and the promise land is part of our destiny. Our physical reality, however, is that we are explorers. We left the African continent and traveled north. We’ve explored the oceans, and have traveled to space. We need to carry out one of our primary functions now, and we need to explore our universe more than ever. We cannot hope to be explorers of the universe if we are distracted by social dysfunctional relations, pitting man against man, race against race, and sexual orientation against sexual orientation. This earthly planet will eventually die. Our purpose should be to protect our civilization.

First and foremost, we must refocus our missiles from earthly wars and outward towards defending our planet from threats such as meteors. We should protect our planet, not just from material threats, but intelligent destruction as well. This cannot be accomplished until world leaders, both present and future, declare to the people that we are on a finite timeline heading into destruction. Without action this great joyride will continue to our demise. After defending the planet we have to rewrite our religious doctrines.

In the United States, tax exemptions for organizations that believe our babies are born into sin, or that an entire race of people are cursed by God, should not be allowed to profit at the hands of the American population. The church has to be constrained and its beliefs must remain consistent with humanity.

– George Freeman