The Era of Fake News

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George Freeman was actively behind the scenes at WOR Radio, New York. During his tenure George performed various regulatory audits keeping the station in good standing with federal guidelines…It is time citizens demand their government protect them, for citizens to boycott advertisers who use Sinclair Broadcasting services, and for the leaders of the FCC be removed for leaders who respect the public over business.

Who Will Watch the Watchers?

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During the early 1980’s, the Seattle establishment, including the police and a group called Parents in Arms, targeted The Monastery for closure based on bigotry and prejudice. Statements and affidavits submitted in support of efforts to close The Monastery often commented on racial mixing, and the presence of homosexuals. This bigotry resulted in blatantly illegal harassment such as a September …

Mass Arrests, Just To Prove A Point

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It is no secret that law enforcement agencies have been in a perpetual struggle with how to control the power they possess. Over the years, there have been so many incidents that involve police violence that the public has become more and more afraid of the police, and less sympathetic to the problems they face. Instead of being looked upon …