Going After the Wrong People

Member Discrimination, Social Justice

In the early 1970s the Seattle Police were dealing with some serious threats to the community. There were robbers, vandals, criminals assaulting innocent civilians, and worse, happening daily in the city. Luckily, the SPD had their priorities straight; the police knew the true threat to the city came from criminals and degenerates who are drinking alcohol at The Monastery Read More

Remembering Seattle’s Nightlife: The Police and 1980’s Bias

Member Discrimination, Social Justice

Stumbling across this article gives a notable perspective of the Seattle police in the 1980s. One night following a brawl police were sent to the hospital after being assaulted and jumped during a fight involving 7 patrons of Club Broadway before Mister Freeman took it over, two years later. Notable here is that Freeman had no police incidents under his tenure. Read More

Lessons From Seattle’s Past

Member Discrimination, Social Justice, The Monastery

What lessons can we learn from the group formed during the 80’s called Parents in Arms? Parents In Arms claimed to be an organization that sought to improve the welfare of runaway teens. Although, one might think their actions were not very concerned with runaway teens, but instead about enforcing their religious, racial, and homophobic fears. Read More