a look at the display encouraging people to vote at the ULC Rectory. Illuminated lights read 'vote'


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Dear Friends, The election is growing nearer every day and so is an asteroid that Neil Degrasse Tyson warned is set to ‘buzz-cut’ Earth the day before the November 3rd election. It is too small to cause harm, but the atmosphere of disaster…Read More

Drag Queen Monet X Change in a Pope-inspired outfit

The Pope Comes Out….

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….in support of same-sex civil unions. The Catholic Church continues to be an age-old example of high drag (grown men with “Dorothy’s red shoes”). Catholic priests and even some of the orthodox offshoot’s clerics have gowns that would make any queen jealous. Read More

The President and COVID-19: Above the Law

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The recently released Bob Woodward recordings from early 2020 underscore the reckless actions of our President in the early days of Coronavirus, and show the absurdity of more recent actions that have led so many close to the president to fall ill with Covid-19. Read More