Demonizing the Innocent at Seattle’s “Disco Church”

Member Freedom of Religion, The Monastery

In the early 1970’s the Seattle Police were dealing with some serious threats to the community. There are robbers, vandals, criminals assaulting innocent civilians, and worse, happening daily in the city. Luckily, the SPD have their priorities straight; the police know that the true threat to the city comes from the criminals and degenerates Read More

Parents in Arms: Lessons From Seattle’s Past

Member Discrimination, Social Justice, The Monastery

What lessons can we learn from the group formed during the 80’s called Parents in Arms? Parents In Arms claimed to be an organization that sought to improve the welfare of runaway teens. Although, one might think their actions were not very concerned with runaway teens, but instead about enforcing their religious, racial, and homophobic fears. Read More

Open Letter to Joe Kennedy, III

Member Social Justice

Dear Mister Kennedy, What are you doing about Parkland? Kennedy’s go to the fight. Your uncles went to the fight. Take the fight to Florida. Take it beyond the walls of your jurisdiction and out to the American people. The time to avenge the lives lost for a new generation of young people is now. Read More