Nuclear Energy; May The Force Be With You!

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Happy May Fourth and may the force be with you! Reflecting on universal forces certainly brings spaceships, robots, aliens, and lasers to mind. Much of the technology that’s totally commonplace today was once a pipe dream to a science fiction writer. The first mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper, taking inspiration from Star Trek: the Original Series where Captain …

There Is No Plan(et) B

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According to a new study published in Historical Biology, An International Journal of Paleobiology, mass extinctions of life on Earth appear to follow regular cycles which coincide with major asteroid impacts and devastating volcanic outpourings of lava1. The cycles follow a pattern of about every 27.5 million years for widespread die-offs of land-dwelling animals.  Similarly, paleontologists previously discovered that marine …

No Cop is Above the Law

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In January of this year, six Seattle police officers were involved in a deadly coup on the nation’s capital, making Seattle home to the largest known contingent of police officers in attendance….Read More