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THE PROBLEM As the debates in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries are starting to show, if there was ever a time for the successful extension of reparations for slavery to all Black Americans, that time has finally arrived. This conversation is truly happening on a national level, for the first time. Politicians running for the highest office in the land …

Fed vs State Powers (George Freeman)

Private Clubs: Civil Rights Exemption or Sanctioned Discrimination

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As a civil rights supporter, when it comes to creating an air of acceptance for all individuals, George resembles a full time activist. As owner of the famed New York nightclub Galaxy 21, he played an important role in providing a safe space for people of different races and sexual orientations to come together in the late 1970s. Galaxy 21 …

The Truth Shall Set You Free

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“During eight years of relentless attacks, Freeman still managed to bring cohesion to wanting elements of society who needed a place to flourish. Against this backdrop came ‘The Monastery’s ‘come as you are and join us as we are’ message of enlightenment, which provided a ready stage for this city’s alternative community to come into its own.”