The MonasteryGeorge Freeman and his sister were born in Spokane, Washington and spent their childhood years learning to entertain. Together, they danced for the crowd at the famous Harlem Club. These early experiences fundamentally shaped his character, and George has carried with him that pure childhood love of song and dance throughout his life.

For George, as well as for many young men of his generation that came of age in the aftermath of World War II, military service was regarded as a respectable route to success. Having spent his whole life in Washington, a place without Jim Crow laws, George’s military duty in Georgia and North Carolina accompanied his first exposure to these racist segregation policies.

After moving to New York City, George entered the world of party promotion. The first gatherings he hosted were at his own apartment, but they quickly became so popular that he had to expand. In 1974 he opened a nightclub called Galaxy 21, a multi-level disco joint that became one of the hottest clubs in New York City.

With the opening of The Monastery in 1977, George introduced New York-style clubbing to Seattle. From the beginning, The Monastery was a beacon for people from all walks of life. While it established a reputation as a gay club, in reality the crowd was a well-balanced fusion of Seattle culture. As a place which welcomed people of all ages and sexual orientations, The Monastery evolved into a shelter for local LGBT youths who had nowhere else to turn in the socially-conservative Seattle of the 1980s.

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Present Ventures

George sought to continue the Monastery’s tradition of song and dance as the presiding chaplain of the Universal Life Church Monastery. Today, George oversees the ULC’s daily operations at its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. To date, the ULC has ordained over 20 million ministers and has consistently fought for marriage equality and fair treatment under the law.

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ULC Logo

Vision for the Future

We are all born with innate creativity. From the cradle to the grave human beings are compelled to explore. To date, we have explored most of the world’s oceans, mountains, and forests. Now, we must look to the last great unexplored frontier: space.

George believes that our society is at a crossroads. We live in an age of divisive religious beliefs, and fear is used as an influential tool by militant religious organizations. This website’s mission is to unite the people of the world together under a single, all-encompassing, non-discriminatory belief system.

In order to achieve these goals we must learn from the past. Historically, religious conflicts have led to unimaginable amounts of religious violence. Going forward, we as human beings must put petty differences aside and work together for the betterment of future generations on earth.

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The Future